Modular Jail & Prefabricated Steel Cells

Precast Cells

Our precast concrete prison building system was designed and engineered in order to increase the longevity of your facility. The layout options are endless for our precast cell correctional buildings. The construction of complex and unique projects is possible on time and budget. The system can be applied to Federal, Military, State, and Local jails.

Front Chase

This is done when the facility manager wants maintenance personnel to be able to get to mechanical equipment without interrupting prisoner’s routines. This system reduces the total size required.


It is common for a prison facility to add an area to the rear of precast cells to enable maintenance staff access to the mechanical equipment without affecting the normal daily schedules of prisoners. An area for the rear chase extends along the outer back wall in a row. After the rear area has been enclosed, it is covered with an insulated wall.


Oldcastle Infrastructure can offer modular, 8-bed cells in dormitory styles that are flexible with regards to the configuration of bed space. Domiciliary cells are a great way to increase your facility’s holding capacity, as they allow you to confine multiple inmates to a relatively smaller area. As a result, it is cheaper to include televisions in the cells, along with workout benches and other accessories. A privacy separation has been included between the sleeping area and the sink/toilet. Each precast unit is custom made to suit your specific needs. Building with precast cells offers a quick and efficient alternative to the traditional method.

Heavy-Duty Modular Jail cells

Panel Build’s modular steel jail cells have a similar design to our guardhouses. They are manufactured from durable, high-quality steel. It is possible to stack the cell above it, which increases its lifespan. Panel Build’s cells will withstand long-term, daily usage.

Customize Your Jail Cell from Standard Designs

In order to make the most of a space, it is important that these cells are the standard size 6ftx8ft. Panel Built has modular jails in custom sizes, with many amenities available. You can contact us to discuss a custom-made project. Our design will be tailored to your exact needs.

Using pre-fabricated cells for prisons offers all the advantages of modular

Panel Build Jail Cell Units have been manufactured in one our top-notch modular construction factories. Panel Built is able to complete your project more quickly, effectively, and economically thanks our efficient manufacturing process. Panel Built moves products from one specialized area to the next. This ensures that the project you’re working on is always handled by an expert.

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